SUV Rollover Kills Unbelted Driver

SUV Rollover Kills One, Injured Five

Police say the 26 year old driver of an SUV was killed in a single vehicle rollover crash Sunday morning, that left five other people in the vehicle injured. Around 2:45AM, the SUV was going eastbound on West 2nd Ave, when the driver lost control around a slight curve. The vehicle flipped onto its side, sliding down the sidewalk before it came to a stop on its roof.

Lack of Seatbelt Kills Rollover Driver

According to police, the driver involved in this SUV rollover was a 26 year old man from Langley. Also it was been determined that he was not wearing a seatbelt and the time the rollover occurred. The other five people inside, all in their 20’s, were taken to hospital with minor injuries. Speed was a factor in the crash, but police haven’t ruled alcohol playing role as well. [Vancouver, Canada -Jan.14, 2007]

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