SUV Rollover Lawsuit

Why it is Critical to Hire and Experienced Attorney!

Unless you have gone through a serious SUV, van or truck rollover or even an auto wreck before, then everything you need to be doing will be foreign to you. No one ever expects to be seriously injured or lose a loved one in an accident, but unfortunately serious life changing events happen.  When you are injured in an accident, or if it’s a loved one or family member who is seriously injured or killed, the medical problems, financial and family problems can be overwhelming. That’s why we recommend that if you, a close friend or loved one has been involved in a serious auto accident or SUV rollover, then they may need to talk to or consult an experienced lawyer that is not a novice in the area of products liability law, vehicle crashworthiness and rollover issues. Remember in a products liability action you are going up against a multi-billion dollar corporation. Many times they do not play by the same rules that you think is fair and honest. You are just a number to them and while they may say they care, their bottom line is saving the big company money and not paying out any money for their mistakes. After representing clients in serious products liability cases for over 20 years, we know most of their tricks and know how to protect our clients from most of the traps that they will lay in these cases.

Loss of the Evidence May Spell Disaster in a Rollover Accident

While not every situation or wreck does a person need a lawyer. But in serious injury cases where an injured person’s future is on the line, they probably do in fact need a lawyer to protect their rights. Too often, while a person is recovering from their injuries or the family is going through the normal grieving process over the loss of a family member and they are trying to get their life back in order, the main evidence (the rolled-over vehicle, the seat belt, the defective tire, etc) is being destroyed, crushed or lost. When the vehicle or the product in question is destroyed, so may the person’s ability to pursue a products liability case. In some courts the judge will not allow the plaintiff to go forward and pursue their case if the plaintiff allowed the evidence to be destroyed. Also the scene of the accident may change and make it much more difficult to reconstruct months or years later. The sooner a client or friend calls, the sooner a potential case can get evaluated and investigated.

In rollover cases, the scene of the accident is so very important. Tire marks, yaw marks, rim gouges, tire pieces and other critical evidence are typically right there on the road or shoulder. With time, these images are harder to identify and document. Also the sooner we get on a case; the sooner critical witnesses can be interviewed. In some cases, witnesses and investigating officers move out of state, overseas or even pass away before their story could be told.   Time is of the Essence – Don’t Delay – Call Now