Suzuki XL7 and Rollover Crashes

The Suzuki XL7 is a popular SUV manufactured by Suzuki. However, something many consumers don’t realize is that SUVs like the XL7 come with a greater risk for rollover accidents. In the event of a car crash, SUVs are more likely to roll over than other smaller vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rated the 2009 Suzuki XL7 four-wheel-drive as having a 16.4% risk for rollover accident, while the two-wheel-drive model has a slightly higher risk at 17.9%. These percentages may not seem very high, but they do give a person a 1 in 6 or 1 in 5 chance for rolling over if their vehicle crashes. However, if your SUV is flawed and causes you injury, you could be entitled to financial compensation.

If your Suzuki XL7 has rolled over and you think the manufacturer of the car may be to blame, contact an experienced SUV rollover lawyer of the Willis Law Firm today by calling us at 800-883-9858. We can discuss your legal options for obtaining compensation with you.

Common Causes

There are many factors that can make an SUV more likely to roll over. If your Suzuki XL7 has the following problems, your risk for rollover could increase significantly:

  • Faulty parts
  • Poor design
  • Manufacturing mistakes
  • Poor construction
  • Inadequate safety features

These problems could lead to a rollover in the event of a car crash, causing serious injuries. Fortunately, if a manufacturer’s negligence caused your car to rollover, you may be eligible to obtain compensation for your suffering.

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