Two Children Ejected During SUV Rollover

Bihshan Mama, 38, the driver of an SUV involved in a fatal rollover has been charged with failing to properly buckle in several children at the time. She was merging onto Hwy. 417 near Moodie Dr. when the SUV swerved and rolled over on Nov. 12, 2005.

There were seven children in the car, but only five seatbelts. One of the kids, a 13-year-old boy sitting in the cargo area, died when he was ejected from the vehicle. There is no seatbelt available in the cargo area.

The charges don’t relate to the death because it’s not against the law (in Canada) to carry more passengers than the vehicle is equipped for, said OPP Const. Eric Booth. Rather, they relate to allegations that the younger children were not properly strapped in.

“There was a five-year-old and a seven-year-old, and based on their weight and size, they should have been either in a child seat or a booster seat,” said Booth. If Mama is found guilty, she faces a fine of $330 dollars and six demerit points.

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