3 Types of Vehicles Commonly Linked to Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are extremely dangerous incidents that are significantly more common among certain types of vehicles. These vehicles often have taller profiles, resulting in a higher than usual center of gravity. As a result of this dangerous design, motorists in these vehicles may be more likely to experience a terrifying rollover accident.

If you have suffered an injury in a rollover accident, you may be entitled to pursue legal action against the responsible automobile manufacturer. The SUV rollover accidents lawyers of the Willis Law Firm are dedicated to helping the victims of these accidents, and also want to help the general public better understand rollovers and the dangers posed by certain vehicles. The following are three of the most common vehicles involved in rollover accidents:

#1: SUVs

Perhaps the most commonly cited vehicles for rollover accidents are sport utility vehicles, or SUVs. SUVs come in many different shapes and sizes, but generally include vehicles that are considerably taller in profile than coupes or sedans. Because of this increase in height with a relatively smaller increase in width, SUVs have a much higher center of gravity. This makes sharp turns exceedingly dangerous for these vehicles.

#2: Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks regularly rank as some of the most unsafe vehicles on the road. In part, this is because of the off-balanced weight and the vehicle’s higher profile. Like SUVs, people may purchase these vehicles with the belief that the extra size and weight make them safer. However, in terms of rollover accidents, trucks are much more likely to roll over than a smaller passenger car.

#3: Vans

Many drivers who operate full-sized vans recognize the danger caused by the high profile of these vehicles. However, in emergency situations, that awareness does little to prevent a rollover accident from happening.

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