What’s the Most Dangerous Kind of Vehicle?

A study created by researchers from North Carolina’s Carolina Transportation Program took accident information from the National Automotive Sampling System-Crashworthiness Data System to measure which type of vehicles are most likely to be involved in rollover accidents. This study looked at the dangers involved with passenger cars such as sedans and coupes, pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs. The conclusions drawn from this study illustrate some alarming results about rollover safety.

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What Vehicles Are Most Likely to Roll Over?

Of all of the types of vehicles tested, researchers found that SUVs were the most likely to be involved in a rollover car accident. In part due to the tall profile and relatively slim design of most SUVs, these vehicles are considered much more likely to flip over in an accident.

How Dangerous Are These Rollovers?

Not only were SUVs found to be the vehicles most commonly involved in rollover accidents, but these vehicles were also linked to the most severe rollover accidents. Although SUV passengers were often provided more protection due to the bulkiness of the vehicles, they were involved in more intense and destructive rollover accidents than drivers in other vehicles.

What Causes These Accidents?

The most common reason for an SUV rollover accident is loss of control, causing the driver to run off of the road. These problems can be linked to poor road conditions, tire blowouts, and losing control during a sharp turn.

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