Yamaha Rhino Rollover Accident Lawsuit

Rhino 660 Rollover Accidents & Injuries

Yamaha Rhino rollover accidents and injuries due to rollovers are happening at an alarming rate since the introduction of the Yamaha Rhino 660 in 2003. Yamaha Rhino rollover accidents have caused numerous serious leg crush type injuries including several that needed multiple surgeries, skin grafts, muscle flap surgeries, and even amputation. Due to the high center of gravity of the Rhino, the narrow wheelbase and the powerful engine, this side by side ATV type vehicle can easily rollover. When a Rhino starts to roll over, the occupant’s leg will involuntarily eject from the vehicle during a rollover accident due to gravity and momentum due to the lack of a foot well or a door to help hold one’s foot inside the more protective area.  When a passenger’s or driver’s foot / leg gets caught outside the “ATV” it is often crushed by the weight and force of the vehicle and is trapped between the ATV and the ground. Additionally, when the 1049 lb Yamaha Rhino rolls over, it may be difficult to rescue a person that is trapped due to the tremendous weight of the rhino causing a critical delay in needed emergency medical care for the injured person. Such delay can lead to uncontrolled bleeding, loss of limb and even death. This is especially true if the rollover of the Yamaha Rhino occurs in a rural area and the victim is alone when the rollover occurs.

Rhino 660 Side by Side “ATV”

The Yamaha Rhino 660 is a “side-by-side” off- road utility class “ATV”, like the Polaris Ranger, Kawasaki Mule and John Deere Gator. The Rhino 660 has independent rear suspension and 12-inch ground clearance. The power train is used from the Grizzly 660 ATV, including the high/low-range automatic transmission with push-button 2WD, 4WD and 4WD-lock options. The rear bed dumps and can carry 400 pounds. The Rhino is 54.5 inches wide, so it exceeds the 48-inch maximum enforced on many public trails and will not be classified as an ATV. The Rhino is a trademarked name owned by Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA.

Yamaha Rhino Safety Alert

In September 2006 Yamaha announced to owners of all Yamaha Rhino a “Special Offer to Rhino Owners” in which Yamaha states “….While the Rhino has been a reliable and versatile vehicle, some operators have engaged in aggressive driving (such as sliding, skidding, fishtailing, or doing donuts) or made abrupt maneuvers (such as turning the steering wheel too far or too fast) that have resulted in side rollovers – even on flat, open areas. Unfortunately, some occupants have been seriously injured during such rollovers when they put their arms or legs outside the vehicle, resulting in crushing or other injuries. Special Offer to Rhino Owners -Yamaha has developed new doors and additional passenger handholds for the Rhino. These new features, as shown in the pictures below, are designed to help keep occupants from sticking arms or legs out of the vehicle in response to a side rollover. They may also enhance passenger stability and comfort. Yamaha recommends that Rhino owners have these doors and handholds installed on their Rhino vehicles…”

We believe that Yamaha should have designed doors and additional hand holds on the very first one sold in 2003. Further, once Yamaha knew that the Rhino was rolling over at an alarming rate, then a Yamaha Rhino recall should have been instituted in order to install these important safety features and not wait 3 +years to notify Rhino customers of the availability of the safety doors or even the dangers of using these vehicles without these features. All Yamaha Rhino rollover protection and other safety devices should have been installed from day one.

Yamaha Rhino Rollover Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or a loved one killed due to a Yamaha Rhino rolling over and causing severe crushing injuries, amputation or death, then call the Willis Law Firm for a Free and Confidential Consultation. Yamaha, the maker of the Rhino built a product that we believe is unstable, prone to rollover, lacked proper warnings, lacked sufficient doors, hand grips /hand holds and other safety designs. As such, we believe this side by side ATV is dangerous and injured parties have a legal right to bring a product liability lawsuit against Yamaha for their injuries, and losses.

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