How can I prevent vehicle rollovers?

One important way to protect yourself from rollover accidents is to choose your vehicle carefully. Some types of vehicle, including SUVs and 15 passenger vans, are known to be more likely to roll over in an accident. In addition, different models are associated with different levels of risk, so always research your options carefully before purchasing or renting a motor vehicle.

You can also take steps to increase your safety while driving. Avoid swerving or making sharp turns, especially when operating a large vehicle. Make sure your tires are well maintained and have the correct level of air pressure. Most importantly, always remain alert and cautious while driving.

Unfortunately, even if you take steps to protect yourself, you can still be harmed by another party’s negligence. If you have suffered an SUV rollover caused by a negligent person or business, contact an SUV rollover lawyer from the Willis Law Firm at 800-883-9858.