Unintentional Acceleration

ATVs are used by thousands of people across the United States. These vehicles can be taken on farms, through rocky terrain, on sandy banks, and other unpaved areas. Their ability to go where other vehicles are unable to makes them an attractive vehicle for both work and recreation. Unfortunately, their usefulness can be overshadowed by design flaws and manufacturing defects which make them susceptible to rolling over. One important manufacturing defect that has caused multiple recalls and injuries is sudden, unintentional acceleration. When an ATV accelerates without warning, it can startle the driver and cause them to lose control. Especially when traveling on an incline, this can quickly lead to a rollover accident that causes devastating injuries.

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Models Recalled for Sudden Acceleration

Several ATV models have been recalled due to incidents of sudden acceleration. These include:

  • Razor Dirt Quad
  • Polaris – Sportsman 700 EFI
  • Suzuki QuadSport ATVs

Sudden acceleration poses a serious threat of injury to riders. Safely riding an ATV requires the ability to depend on the vehicle’s stability no matter whether you are going uphill, downhill, or across uneven terrain. A sudden acceleration at the wrong time can result in the vehicle flipping over on the rider.

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