Defective Fuel Tank Attachments

Vehicle manufacturers strive to make vehicles for consumers that are both high quality as well as marketable. However, the pursuit of profit should never interfere with the priority of creating a vehicle that is safe and free of major defects that can cause severe injury or death. Unfortunately, this priority is not always taken seriously, and the results can be devastating. As the example of the Ford Pinto has shown when its poorly designed and positioned fuel tank lead to multiple injuries and deaths, motor vehicle companies do not fulfill their responsibility regarding consumers’ safety. Although the Pinto has been recalled, fuel tank defects still occur in other vehicles and can be devastating to individuals who suffer from post-collision or rollover fuel fed fires.

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Types of Fuel Tank Attachment Defects

Besides a punctured fuel tank, there are several ways a fuel tank can suddenly leak fuel and cause a fire. These have to do with the lines and attachments siphoning fuel to the vehicle. Examples of ways a defect can start a fire include:

  • Damaged fuel line
  • Separation of the fuel cap
  • Separation of the filter pipe

With gasoline, it may take a mere spark set off during a collision to cause a flame to ignite, posing a serious threat to passengers who may be immobilized or unconscious.

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