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Remote Start Dangers, Deaths

Such legal action is needed due to the ongoing problem of remote start dangers, deaths and injuries across America. More than a dozen innocent people have been killed and many more have been injured, with some suffering permanent, incapacitating injuries such as brain damage.

That’s occurred because newer vehicles equipped with keyless ignition systems have led to many vehicles being left unattended with the engine still running. When this happens in an enclosed space such as a garage, and the garage is attached to a house, poisonous and deadly carbon monoxide gas from the internal combustion engine can seep inside the home, killing occupants.

Has There Been a Remote Start Recall?

As for whether there has been a remote start recall, no widespread recall has been issued by the country’s automakers. Yet some manufacturers have begun installing revised keyless remote systems in new vehicles — a tacit admission that their previous systems were defective.

What’s needed is a national recall of the more than 5 million vehicles on our roads equipped with defective keyless start systems.

Fixing Remote Start Problems

Safety experts and consumer groups have urged automakers to adopt one of two strategies for combatting the problem of keyless ignition deaths.

One is to include in such systems an automatic shut-off, so a car’s engine will turn off after a brief time when the driver has exited the vehicle. Another is to provide an audible alert such as a beep or a horn’s honk if a driver gets out of a vehicle while the engine is still running.

Inadvertently leaving an engine running happens regularly with keyless remote vehicles. Many of today’s cars have engines which run almost silently, so drivers may not be aware the engines are still on.

Making matters worse is that keyless remote systems do not require a driver to turn off the ignition to remove a keychain. No traditional key is involved. Instead, such systems allow drivers to start an engine simply by pushing an on-off button or switch, providing their keyless remote fob is in the vehicle.

This logic disappears if the keyless fob is removed from the vehicle when the driver, carrying it in a pocket or purse, exits. Then the engine on most such systems continues to run even with the fob removed. And if the driver forgets to shut off the engine or is unaware it’s still on, the engine can run all night in a garage or elsewhere.

Leaving an engine running in an unoccupied car not only is dangerous, but it can be illegal, since in some areas it’s against the law to leave a car unattended with its engine running. That includes the state of Texas, where drivers can be ticketed for leaving a car with the engine running (Texas Transportation Code Section 545.404).

Keyless Ignition Lawsuits

With so many Americans injured or killed as a result, keyless ignition lawsuits are arising, including a major class action lawsuit filed in federal court in California.

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