Intrusion of the Roof into Occupant Space

chevy suburban interior roof crush
The integrity of roof pillars on any vehicle is extremely important to the safety of all passengers. One would assume that for vehicles with a high tendency to rollover, there would be particularly strong roof pillars to prevent the intrusion of the roof into occupant space, but unfortunately this does not seem to be the case. Vehicles, such as the Ford Explorer and other SUVs, vans, and trucks with high rollover rates, have repeatedly failed to protect their occupants during rollover events, leading to severe and sometimes life-threatening injuries for those who are involved in a rollover event.

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Injuries from Roof Failure

chevy colorado intrusion roof crush
Intrusion of the roof into the occupant’s space can result in serious injuries. The following are some of the common injuries sustained by victims of rollovers with roof failure:

  • Injuries to the Spine and Spinal Cord
  • Head Trauma
  • Permanent Brain Damage
  • Partial or full paralyzing of the body

SUVs, vans, and trucks are among the most common vehicles that have roof support failure, leading to injuries such as these.

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