Seat Belt Failure

The purpose of a seat belt is to prevent passengers from being ejected from the vehicle or being thrown against the interior of the vehicle in the event of a car accident. Seat belts are particularly important in the event of rollover accidents. When a rollover accident happens, passengers are often thrown from the vehicle or make contact with the roof of the vehicle when their seat belt fails or they do not have one on. It is extremely important for seat belts to be strong and reliable during car accidents, and when they suddenly fail at the wrong moment, the results are often devastating.

If you or one of your loved ones was involved in a rollover accident and they were injured because of a defective seat belt, the Willis Law Firm may be able to help you obtain compensation for your pain and suffering. To speak with someone who can help you go over your legal rights, contact us today at 800-883-9858.

Ways a Seat Belt May Fail

There are several ways a seat belt can fail, including:

  • Tearing – defective material can cause a seat belt to rip during an accident
  • Ill-fitting – an ill-fitting seat belt can allow a person to easily slip out of their seat or cause injuries due to sudden force in an accident
  • Unintentional unlatching – The seat belt unintentionally releases from the buckle during an accident
  • Detachment – The seat belt detaches from its mount to the car

Any of these failures can increase the physical injury and suffering a victim of a rollover accident.

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