Tire Misuse

Tire tread separation is one of the most common causes of rollover accidents. It happens when the treading of the tire separates from the steel belt within the tire, resulting in a blowout. The destabilization this causes, particularly in SUVs like the Ford Explorer, inevitably leads to devastating rollover accidents. One of the common causes of tire tread separation is trauma suffered by the tire if it is driven excessively over rough terrain.

If you or someone you love was injured in a rollover accident due to a tire blowout, it may have been the result of a defective or misused tire. In some cases, it is the negligence of other parties which may be responsible. To speak with a legal professional who may be able to help you determine if someone is liable for your accident, contact the Willis Law Firm today at 800-883-9858.

Damage to Tires

Tire tread separation is often the result of improper use or abuse of tires. The most common types include:

  • Over-inflation – When a tire is overly inflated, it can cause damage to the tire that leads to tread separation. Overly inflated tires can create too much heat in the tire, which speeds up the wear on the tire. In addition, too much air pressure makes it difficult for the tire to absorb shocks from the road.
  • Potholes and other road defects – Tires are usually able to absorb shock when they are properly inflated, but they do have a breaking point. If you frequently drive in areas with potholes and other roadway defects that damage the tire, it can quickly lead to too much wear, and the tire tread may separate.

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