2011 Dodge Journey

Many different situations can lead to a rollover accident, but if you drive an SUV, your risk for being involved in a rollover accident is greater than those who drive smaller vehicles. SUVs are notorious for having a high risk for rollovers, and the 2011 Dodge Journey is only one example of such a vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the 2011 Dodge Journey has a 17.9% risk for rolling over when typical rollover conditions are present, and there have been some recalls associated with this vehicle. According to the NHTSA, one vehicle owner reported that the steering functions on the Dodge Journey were faulty, and steering problems are a potential cause of rollover accidents.

Regardless of the specifics surrounding your rollover accident, if a flaw or fault with your 2011 Dodge Journey lead to your rollover accident, you could be entitled to compensation from its manufacturer, Chrysler. Contact the experienced SUV rollover accident attorneys of the Willis Law Firm today by calling 800-883-9858 to discuss your legal options.

Possible Rollover Injuries

Injuries that are often associated with rollover accidents can be incredibly serious, often causing long-term damage. Some of these injuries include:

  • Head trauma
  • Lacerations / loss of blood
  • Concussion
  • Contusions
  • Broken bones / fractures
  • Fatality

Paying for the costs associated with these injuries can stretch anyone’s budget, but you may not have to face these costs alone if you were injured because of a design or construction flaw in your SUV.

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Rollover accidents can be serious and can cost you incredible amounts of money in both medical bills and vehicle repair costs. To learn more about pursuing compensation for these costs if you were injured in a rollover accident involving a 2011 Dodge Journey, contact the experienced SUV rollover accidents lawyers of the Willis Law Firm today by calling 800-883-9858.