Ford Ranger Rollover Lawyers

The Ford Ranger is a small pickup truck from the Ford Motor Company.  Since being introduced in 1983, the truck has been a popular option for individuals who want a truck but have little need for a full-sized pickup.

Unfortunately, drivers of the Ford Ranger may be putting themselves in danger every time they get behind the wheel.  If you or someone you love suffered an injury in a Ford Ranger rollover accident, contact the Ford Ranger rollover lawyers of the Willis Law Firm today at 800-883-9858.

Ford Ranger Rollover & Suspension Problems

Ever since its initial release, the Ford Ranger has had a reputation for being prone to rollover accidents. Like other trucks, it has a high center of gravity. Its short wheelbase, however, makes it more unstable than other pickup trucks.

In addition to the rollover risks, the Ford Ranger also has a reputation for:ranger1

  • Weak roof pillars, leading to crushed roofs
  • Faulty seatbelts that give too much slack
  • Poor handling and steering control
  • Faulty shock absorbers

Each of these features may put drivers and their passengers at greater risk for an injury if their Ford Ranger pickup trucks roll over. Individuals who have suffered injuries in these accidents should discuss their cases with a Ford Ranger rollover lawyer to learn if they may be entitled to financial compensation.

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