Land Rover – Range Rover Rollover Accident

2006 Land Rover LR3Shockingly to many even high end Range Rovers do rollover, sometimes with deadly results. Land Rover the brand well known worldwide and making the most exclusive 4×4’s since the later 1940’s has had its share of injury and death lawsuits filed due to roof crush or collapse, seat belt defects, airbag problems in rollover accidents. For the past 25 years, Land Rover has produced the ever popular Land Rover Discovery, LR3, Range Rover Sport, Defender, Freelander and of course the top of the line Range Rover. In 2000, Land Rover was sold to Ford Motor Company and later in 2008 Ford sold Land Rover to Tata Motors. Most Land Rovers models still are powered by the Ford engine in 2016.

2014 Land Rover Range RoverWhile the Range Rover models appear to be solid like those models used on African safaris, these SUVs like most sport utility vehicles by the very nature of its taller off road design has a higher center of gravity. Land Rovers rollovers are not confined to off road accidents, but rather most Rover rollovers occur on paved roads, highways and the interstate. Range Rovers, like many SUVs can lose control when the driver is forced to make a sudden evasive turn or braking to avoid a road object or hazard. When a SUV including the Land Rover or Ranger Rover experiences a sudden tire blowout or tire tread separation, the driver can lose control and the vehicle can rotate perpendicular to the direction of travel. When this occurs, a rollover is imminent without sudden counter measures, braking, and steering by the driver.

Range Rover Rollover Accident Lawyer

2014 Land Rover Range Rover 2If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a Land Rover rollover accident, then call and talk to a SUV rollover accident attorney with over thirty years of rollover accident, tire defect and automotive defect litigation experience. Trial lawyer David Willis is a Board Certified Trial Lawyer licensed by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and licensed in Texas and New York with a nationwide reputation in helping injured victims in all types of rollover accidents and products defects.

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