Saturn Outlook

Sometimes problems with a vehicle do not become apparent until several years after its initial manufacturing. This is the case with the 2010 Saturn Outlook. Like all crossover SUVs, the Saturn Outlook has a higher risk for rollover accidents than smaller vehicles, but according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Outlook is likely to experience a rollover in 17.9% of accidents similar to those which were studied in controlled circumstances.

As the owner of a Saturn Outlook, it is important that you understand you may be able to seek financial compensation if you have been hurt in a rollover accident while driving the vehicle. When vehicles are defectively designed or built, the manufacturer may bear legal responsibility for the consequences of crashes associated with those flaws. To learn more, contact the qualified SUV rollover attorneys of the Willis Law Firm by calling 800-883-9858.

Common Mistakes

Manufacturers have a responsibility to their consumers to ensure that vehicles are safe for purchase and use. However, the following factors may increase a vehicle’s risk for rollover:

  • Design error
  • Construction error
  • Use of faulty / inadequate parts
  • Improper oversight of assembly
  • Prescribing the use of improper replacement parts or equipment

Driving an automobile will always carry with it a certain degree of danger, but there can be no tolerance for the production and sale of vehicles that are prone to potentially fatal rollover accidents.

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