Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 has many features that appeal to consumers seeking luxury.  However, the Volvo XC90, like other SUV models, also has a heightened risk for a rollover if it crashes.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the 2×4 Volvo XC90 has a 19.1% risk for rolling over in the event of an accident.  This risk is only slightly modified if a consumer buys a 4×4 model, which has a 17.9% risk.

Given the extremely dangerous nature of rollover accidents, it is important that those who drive these vehicles understand their legal rights and options if they are involved in a rollover caused by a flaw in the vehicle. For legal counsel and representation, contact the experienced SUV rollover lawyers of the Willis Law Firm by calling 800-883-9858 today.

Are You Eligible?

SUV models are often more dangerous than smaller vehicles and have a greater risk for rolling over, but if your Volvo XC90 rolls over and the incident is attributable a vehicular flaw, you might be eligible for financial compensation.  Some factors that could increase a vehicle’s chances for rolling over include:

  • Problems with the design
  • Mistakes during the manufacture and assembly of a vehicle
  • Use of faulty parts

Determining the underlying cause of a rollover accident can be a difficult task, and you may benefit from the investigative assistance provided by an attorney and his or her associates.

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