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Chevrolet Blazer

The Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy, both produced along similar lines, were first introduced in 1983. These mid-size SUVs were originally only offered in two-door styles, copying older GMC SUV models. 1988 saw the introduction of a new engine option, giving Blazer and Jimmy consumers the ability to purchase a 150 horsepower version.

The 1990 Blazer and Jimmy provided four-door models that underwent substantial cosmetic changes, including an overall lengthening of the vehicle. Months after these four-door models were released, the manufacturers released the option for two-wheel drive models of both the Blazer and the Jimmy. By 1992, anti-lock brakes had also become standard equipment on these vehicles.

The second generation Blazer and Jimmy were launched in 1995, featuring a cosmetic redesign and increasing the size of the vehicle. The vehicle included driver-side airbags initially, eventually offering passenger airbags as well. Storage space was increased, providing better family-friendly options for consumers. By 1998, airbags for both the driver and passenger were standard. Chevy offered an improved trim package known as the TrailBlazer in 1998, while GMC opted to cancel the Jimmy by 2001. The Jimmy was replaced with the GMC Envoy. The Blazer followed in cancellation in 2005.

Unfortunately, these vehicles both posed considerable rollover risks, as neither was designed with rollover safety as a top priority. With a profile common among SUVs, the heightened center of gravity increased the likelihood of a rollover accident.

Rollover Safety Concerns for the Blazer and Jimmy

Like many other SUVs, the Blazer and Jimmy have a higher center of gravity when compared to other vehicles, such as sedans or coupes. This higher center of gravity translates to an increased probability of tipping over if a driver makes a drastic turn or needs to swerve out of the way while on the road. If the vehicle becomes unbalanced, the momentum of the vehicle’s movement may carry it into a roll, which can result in a serious accident and devastating injuries.

In particular, rollover accidents may cause head and neck injuries, in large part due to the underwhelming safety features available to protect a motorist’s neck or head during a rollover accident. Those injured in these accidents may require emergency medical care.

NHTSA Rollover Test Failures for the Blazer and Jimmy

While many people are led to believe that SUVs are much safer than smaller vehicles, the truth is that the risks of a rollover accident can offset whatever benefits the larger size of the vehicle may provide. In particular, the rollover ratings of the Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy may work to support this line of reasoning.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Blazer and Jimmy models in the early 2000s scored only one star out of five for the two-wheel drive models. This is an extremely low score, unmatched by many vehicles with a history of rollover problems. Similarly, the four-wheel drive models only scored two out of five stars. While not as drastically dangerous as the two-wheel drive model, these four-wheel models are only marginally better.

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