Ford F-150 Roof Crush

Ford F-150 Super Duty

Ford first produced their now-famous F-series of trucks in 1948. These trucks are widely considered among the most popular and most successful pickup trucks in American automotive history. In particular, Ford’s most consumer-friendly model, the F-150, has enjoyed wide success across the United States and internationally. However, these vehicles also have been associated with major safety concerns that have yet to be fully addressed and corrected by Ford.

Rollover Hazards Leading to Roof Crush Accidents

When people drive or ride in pickup trucks, they are put at risk of suffering serious injuries due to unexpected rollover accidents. These accidents occur when the upper part of the vehicle is pulled downwards by overwhelming gravitational and centrifugal forces during sharp turns or in collisions. Many of the most recent F-150 models have attempted to correct this potentially fatal danger. However, safety improvements introduced to reduce rollover risks have still largely failed to make up for the major design problems associated with the F-150’s shape and size.

Given the large size and tall cab of a pickup truck such as the F-150, the center of gravity for the vehicle is considerably higher than on sedans or smaller vehicles. This higher center of gravity means that the vehicle is more likely to tip over. Additionally, these accidents can be substantially worsened in terms of destruction and injuries if the vehicle’s roof support beams are not strong enough to support the vehicle’s weight or the force of the rollover.

Roof Crush Hazards

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration only gives the four-wheel drive model of the F-150 three-of-five star vehicle for rollover safety. It gives the two-wheel drive model one additional star. These mediocre ratings indicate that there’s still a significant chance that a sharp turn or swift change in direction may cause a rollover accident, despite time to improve design and manufacturing errors.

Rollover accidents in large vehicles such as the Ford F-150 are especially hazardous because of the ensuing damage these accidents can cause. First, with heavier vehicles like these, the forces of the rollover may prove too great for the roof support beams in the initial roll. Additionally, the beams can further weaken in successive rolls, eventually causing the roof to crush into the passenger cabin.

Secondly, should the vehicle come to rest upside down, the weight of the inverted vehicle may simply prove too much for the roof pillars. These beams can fail, causing the vehicle’s roof to collapse, crushing the driver and passengers. In some cases, the injuries sustained in this devastating type of accident can prove fatal.

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The injuries caused by a roof pillar collapse during a rollover accident can leave a person with a serious need for financial help. Injuries resulting from an F-150 rollover accident may require costly emergency treatment as well as expensive long-term care. However, you may be eligible for financial compensation from the party responsible for this vehicle’s dangerous design. If an F-150 roof crush injury has left you or someone you love in need of financial compensation, we may be able to help. To schedule an initial consultation regarding your legal rights and options, contact the Willis Law Firm today at 800-883-9858.