15 Passenger Van Rollover

15 passenger van rollover

Many people primarily associate rollover accidents with sports utility vehicles. However, these are not the only vehicles that can become dangerous on the road. 15 passenger vans also have a much higher risk of rollover accidents compared to smaller vehicles.

When a 15 passenger van rolls over, the consequences can be devastating. Sadly, many of these accidents are caused by design or manufacturing defects that could have been fully avoided. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a van rollover due to another party’s negligence, the 15 passenger van rollover lawyers of the Willis Law Firm may be able to help. Call us today at 800-883-9858 for more information.

Causes of 15 Passenger Van Rollovers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued repeated warnings about the risks of driving a 15 passenger van. Because these vehicles are longer than most cars, they can be much more difficult to control. In addition, many vans have a top-heavy design that increases the likelihood of a rollover accident. Additionally, certain road and vehicle conditions may dramatically increase the chances of a 15 passenger van rolling over, such as:

Many 15 passenger van rollovers are related to these road and vehicle defects or poor vehicle design. If you have been harmed in an accident due to any of these factors, you may have grounds for a legal claim. Our 15 passenger van rollover attorneys can help you pursue justice.

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