Tire Blowout Rollover Attorneys

15 passenger vans are part of a group of vehicles that have a very high risk for rollover accidents. Their structure, size, and high center of gravity are all factors in their tendency to be involved in these severe types of motor vehicle accidents. Additionally, one of the biggest contributors to 15 passenger van rollover accidents is tire blowouts. It is for this reason that having quality tires and safe roads is so important. Roadway hazards that puncture tires or an already defective tire can set a group of passengers up for a tragic and severe accident.

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Causes of Tire Blowouts

When a tire blows out, the tire rapidly loses air and deflates, which can quickly cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle. Many different factors can cause a tire blowout, including:

  • Punctures in the tire from objects on the road
  • Small holes in the tire that cause it to lose air slowly
  • Old tires with weakened rubber

Although these tire defects or malfunctions may not be the fault of anyone, when it is caused by the negligence of a municipal body or manufacturer, they could be held liable for the ensuing repercussions.

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